• Cara Memasak Ikan Goreng Sambal Manis Pedas - Although they were very busy hanging in the sky, with sparkling-gemerlip light. After all, they never laugh at my solitude. No doubt, every day at school I have to pretend. Anggini his name, he was the most calm girl in the class. Slender and tall enough. Already this month, I'm going out with Anggi, but no one else knows my relationship with him, but God and the stars as friends curhatan at night.

    At school, I mojok in stair-storey building, fitting recess. Not intended ngecengin girl passing by or ngelirik girl short skirt. But in this place, I seemed to find something. First impression nolongin Anggi. When it is, we are again equally passing the stairs to the practice room Computer, upstairs. But he was more visible in a hurry.

    And right behind me, he lost his balance. I reflexively directly megangin him from behind, did not prevent him from falling. His face blush, blush. On those occasions also, the heart seemed to want to come off. My soul like ninggalin place and sailing in the heart of the Anggi.

    Yes! The sound signaling incoming messages on my phone. Message from Anggi, that he wants to meet after school, in the back of the class. Waoww! what ya kids dream last night, tumben invites want to make friends. Usually I were insistent. But today, really, is different. What is it well? ahh .. so stupid! clearly, I feel a little excited.

    What most students want broad daylight in the middle school. Cold drinks, orange juice, ice jazzed, coconut ice. Shelter in the booth cafeteria. Argghh! it seems nothing beats the sound of the bell echoed a desire awaits. The sound that signifies freedom students will return to the house. Yes! I did not wait to hear the sound cues return it. You know! I had an appointment at Anggi will meet.

    The students burst out of the classroom, rush to the food at home, or even choose to turn ngeceng Mall. I'm standing tall leaning on a wooden pole halls. Waiting for a girl who was none other than my secret girlfriend. Already a quarter of an hour passed, but there are also Anggi yet. Huuuff ... I sighed deeply. Well never mind, I decided to direct waiting for him behind the class corresponding request.

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